Anatomy of Elimination

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Anatomy of elimination.

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Anatomy of Elimination by Sam Rao

Anatomy of Elimination. Squatting to Poo !

The main benefit of this book is for you to understand how the human body is designed. Then you get to understand how to eliminate properly and effectively. There is increasing awareness of challenges in our bowel region. It’s an opportunity to look and understand.

This book has been in the making for over 12 years. Finally, with enough experience of what and how humans do and can address the problem of bowel diseases, the book was finally written and published in May 2022.

I wrote the book simply because I have been using the squatting posture to eliminate during most of my life. Increasingly I have become aware, that some friends and also lots of media attention to the subject of Bowel Cancers, can perhaps lead to a better understanding of the possible origins of challenges in the digestive system. There is an opportunity to understand and improve the quality of life.

Squatting to poo is an ancient practice. This book looks at some of the historical information but book’s main purpose is to educate. Once readers understand the way the human body works, perhaps then there is an opportunity to do something, other than hope for the best and use medications. The content will be very useful to every person who is able to first be interested in understanding and is then willing to add the practice to their own life. There is a good possibility that the practice will provide a means to a healthy life.

Contents cover a short introduction to the subject followed by a clear and simple description, images, and explanations of our digestive system. Best of all is that it is not just identifying the issues but proposing a solution that has been designed 12 years ago and is now in its 3rd edition. The Squatting Platform.

It is very hard to get customers to write and explain how they have befitted. The subject is still taboo. All I can say is that I am the result. As I progress into my mid-70s, I am physically healthy, my digestive system works at its optimum. I eat well, move well, and always squat to poo !  My profile can be seen on my website:

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