The Sam Rao
yoga teacher training school

The Sam Rao
yoga teacher training school

Sam Rao. A life of yoga

Sam Rao, a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals, has developed a world-class yoga school that concentrates on teaching excellence, developing supportive teacher communities, and promoting yoga as an integral part of everyone’s daily health routine.

Born into an Indian family in Uganda, Sam has led a multi-national lifestyle, having lived, studied and taught all over the world. Encouraged by his father, Sam began his yoga journey as a child, but it wasn’t until he suffered an injury to his back as an adult, that he found himself turning to yoga as a serious practice.

“I am very interested in understanding the human body and how the regular practice of yoga can benefit and affect the body, mind and spirit.”

Sam teaches with enthusiasm, and brings warmth and clarity to his explanations, enabling his students to easily visualise and work with the body. His unique style of teaching unites pupil and teacher in an atmosphere of fun and wellbeing. He’s also well known for his attention to detail and precision in postures, at all times encouraging his students to extend their potential and to work through their perceived limitations.

Practical teaching

“Teaching from day one can be quite a daunting experience. However, by doing this my experience in teaching postures and my confidence grew considerably. I learned to teach yoga in a wonderfully supportive and fun environment. Many of my fellow students remain friends today, also providing a great support network.” Graduate 2019

Support and guidance

“Being accepted onto the Teacher Training course was the beginning of a wonderful, rewarding journey for me. Not only does the school offer fantastic teacher training but also a support network which begins from day one. Sam recognised my lack of self confidence and gently empowered me to get out there and teach. I’m delighted to have learned to teach at such a friendly, supportive, nurturing school.” Graduate 2016

School curriculum

Are you ready to join the UK’s best yoga teacher training school?

Expand your personal practice and your relationship with yoga whilst Sam and his associate teachers will help develop you into a confident yoga teacher. As a Trainer Plus accredited course, we produce very high quality yoga teachers by focusing the course on practical teaching.

 This is an exclusive membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals as it adheres to very high standards and requirements. All students joining this course must have strong self practice and be willing to work hard on their studies.

Students must have a minimum of 2 years’ consistent self-practice before joining the course.

There will be an assessment day to meet Sam and the other students to determine if you are ready for the course opportunity for ongoing teaching practice by assisting in public classes

What you’ll learn

The postures

An in-depth understanding of all yoga postures (asanas) and their benefits.

Meditation and breath

Pranayama/Meditation. Breathing techniques, its uses and benefits. Developing personal meditation, and learning to guide others

Anatomy and physiology

Anatomy and Physiology in its scientific form and what is relevant to our yoga practice and modern day life. Energy systems – chakras, nadis, meridians and how to use Hatha yoga for better health.

Styles of yoga

Yoga styles. You will be exposed to some of the main styles of yoga from various visiting teachers, and learn how they can compliment Hatha Yoga.

Philosophy and personal development

Yoga philosophy, the principals on which yoga is based, Patanjaliʼs yoga sutras and the 8 limbs of yoga.

Your teaching practice

By teaching yoga postures from the first day of your training, over the course you will devlop the confidence to teach and your own teaching style through observations, assisting in classes and Samʼs guidance.

Your yoga career

How to run a yoga business; professional standards, insurance, book-keeping, managing your accounts and promoting your business. What opportunities there are in classes, 1-2-1s and retreats.

Is our school for you?

Apply to join a free taster training day

We will send you a short application. If successful we look forward to meeting you on a free trial training weekend where you will meet Sam and all the trainee teachers