Want to become a yoga teacher?

Why not become a
great yoga teacher?

Want to become a yoga teacher?

Why not become a
great yoga teacher?

Online Yoga Teacher Training 295 hours

Online weekly classes with Sam via Patreon

Public classes in Bracknell and Crowthorne

Welcome to the Sam Rao yoga teacher training school

Certified training with Yoga Alliance Professionals senior yoga teacher, Sam Rao

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Anatomy, Physiology + Yoga for all Yoga Practitioners

Anatomy, Physiology + Yoga This is an opportunity to begin to learn Anatomy and Physiology of areas of the body and practice remedial yoga postures. That means you will get an opportunity to see (visual body) make notes [...]


New Tuesday Classes

Starting Tuesday 27th September 2022 Sam Rao Yoga School will be running a morning drop-in yoga class from 10:00am - 11:00am at Morgan Centre, Wellington Road, Crowthorne  RG45 7DL. Cost £10. Bring your own yoga mat. [...]

Special Events

Special Events

Special events will include yoga day retreats and special sessions to cover specific ailments and conditions. These sessions will be added after the covid rules/lockdown are fully lifted.

Why choose Sam Rao?

Why choose Sam Rao?

Sam Rao is a Senior Yoga Teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance Professionals. As a Trainer Plus accredited course, we are producing very high quality yoga teachers by focusing the course on practical teaching. This is an exclusive membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals as it adheres to very high standards and requirements. Qualifications are transferable throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Our rolling programme means you can join our school at any time.

Sam teaches with enthusiasm, warmth and clarity and is well known for his attention to detail and precision in postures. He encourages his students to extend their potential and to work through their limitations. Our Yoga Alliance Professionals approved course is fun, friendly and ego-free – helping you to immerse yourself completely in the learning process, and become part of our growing yoga teacher family.

Real world yoga teachers

Our teachers teach

98% of graduate teachers are now running their own regular classes

Teachers have partnered up to run successful retreats and workshops

Our teachers have high levels of knowledge of both anatomy, physiology and hands-on teaching expertise

We produce teachers confident in their knowledge and abilities

We have a thriving Facebook group offering advice and support for other graduate teachers

What some of our graduate teachers are saying

I cannot recommend Sam Rao’s yoga school enough. I qualified in 2018 and am now living the dream as a full time yoga teacher. From day one Sam encouraged me out of my shell in the kindest possible way, I can get extremely anxious speaking to a crowd, but the fact that we taught students from the very start helped me build the confidence to teach a public class. I now run 11 classes a week and use everything I learnt at the school every day in my teaching. Sam takes the time to get to know his students, you are not a number at the school, he really cares that you develop into the best yoga teacher you can possibly be and his passion for yoga only fuels your passion as a student even more. Without Sam and the school I am not sure where I would be right now, if anyone is considering joining his school I would say GO FOR IT, I promise you won’t regret it.

David, Graduate, 2018

Having researched a number of yoga schools, I chose Sam’s because it felt professional yet human. An in-depth curriculum, a clear outline as to what was to be studied and a brilliant, knowledgable and inspiring senior teacher, (who so many people had recommended). I was invited to spend a day at the school, stepping into the shoes of a student, gaining hands-on experience as to what the training would be like. I got the opportunity to speak first-hand to other students – join in the lectures and training, fully immersed in the experience. The course itself was filled with solid content, a vital understanding of anatomy, philosophy and importantly, hands-on practical application and real life feedback. I highly recommend.

Jaquie, Graduate, 2016

I began my teacher training with Sam back in 2016, and each training weekend became the highlight of every month. Sam is not just a yoga teacher, he is yoga, and the wisdom and knowledge that he embodies is beyond value. I doubted myself several times in the course due to my lack of belief in myself, and I felt even if i managed to complete the course that I may never actually teach. But Sam believed in me. He supported me and encouraged me, being everything I needed when I needed it most. With his help, I learned more than just about yoga. I learned how to believe in myself, how to find my confidence and find my voice. My whole life had changed, and I started teaching in July 2016, eventually qualifying mid 2017. By august 2017 I was a full time yoga teacher, now running 7 classes a week, along with courses and workshops. I have been invited to teach at festivals and special events, even teaching on a central London international business rooftop overlooking Saint Pauls Cathedral!

Jill, Graduate, 2016

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