Weekly online classes

online classes

Weekly online classes

I have chosen Patreon platform to run my online yoga classes;

  • Wednesdays, 7:30pm to 9:00pm GMT (1.5hrs).
  • Fridays, 10:00am to 11:30am GMT (1.5hrs).
  • The classes are for beginners as well as intermediates.

To book your place, become a member of samraoyoga circle. Click on “join now” button

You can become a member of the samraoyoga circle and it will cost you £20 per month and your choice of one class per week (Wed or Fri) or you can opt for £30 per month. This means each class costs between £3 and £4.

Every class I teach is recorded and uploaded via Patreon on to Vimeo. Members get access to every class to either revisit or to do the class in case they were not able to join on the day. A number of students may not able to join specific days they have chosen, but they always have access to that evening or morning recorded class to view and to practice in their own time.

Every class is 1.5hrs (90 mins) long and consists of a warm up. Perhaps neck postures, relaxation posture or child posture. Each of these are deliberately introduced to enable every student to begin the class by focusing within their own body and prepare the mind and the body for postures that follow.

There are laying down postures, kneeling postures, standing postures, sometimes inversions (half-hand stands, half or full shoulder stands). There is always a pranayama (breathing) session and I focus on one of the four pranyamas that I feel deliver the most towards health of the respiratory system, quietening the mind and allowing complete relaxation within the body.

Every session also finishes with at least 5 to 10mins worth of relaxation posture (shavasana) and guided meditation.

My objective with every class is to make sure that all students get a good range of movement, stretching, flexing and relaxation. Every class has a range of postures and most of them will have a combination of visual and verbal guidance. I tend to use verbal guidance simply because that allows all my students to focus on listening and doing the postures. They do not need to continue to look at their screen all the time. I know that this style of teaching gives a lot more ability to focus on my students behalf. They get clear and detailed instructions and this enables them to work their postures to their ability.

To book your mat please visit:

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