Anatomy, Physiology + Yoga

This is an opportunity to begin to learn Anatomy and Physiology of areas of the body and practice remedial yoga postures. That means you will get an opportunity to see (visual body) make notes and do a few yoga postures specifically focused on the area of the the body in one of the 6 sessions.

Session 1: Head, Neck and Shoulders. You will see the detailed layout of muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, tendons and link the stretching and flexing to yoga postures that may be familiar of learn new postures.

Session 2: Thoracic spine and organs. Special attention to rib-cage, lungs and the heart. You will also see the muscles that support this part of the body.

Session 3: Lumbar spine and organs. The most mobile and densely packed region of the body. Understand what can be done to manage digestive issues, Back pain, Sciatica related issues.

Session 4: Hip, Hip-joints and organs. Another part of the body that holds a lot of organs and there are several remedial yoga postures that enable maintaining good health in this vital region.

Session 5: Lower Limbs. Understanding the structure and the balance nature has created. Stretching and flexing using some simple remedial yoga postures can avoid/manage several ailments in the lower limbs.

Session 6: Upper Limbs. How we use our arms, wrists and fingers needs help. Using remedial yoga postures and building new habits can not only strengthen the arms but also allow good range of movement.Each session comes with a set of handouts which the students printout and have them handy to make their notes.

Each session is recorded, uploaded to Vimeo and link to the recording is sent via email to all participants.

Each session is limited (currently) to maximum of 12. There are opportunities in each session to discuss, ask questions and participate with examples. Sessions will be on a rolling repeat so that new students can join and start their learning.

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